Exploring Teaching for Active Learning in Engineering Education

Navitas, Aarhus University School of Engineering, Aarhus

Olin College of Engineering

John B. Geddes, Professor, Olin College of Engineering


Dr. Geddes is professor of applied mathematics at Olin College of Engineering. Since 2003 he has been fully engaged in building and sustaining this new engineering school. He has focused his attention on transforming education for engineers by developing project-driven, integrated learning environments for students. He is also dedicated to the development and mentorship of faculty at Olin and elsewhere. He is currently co-leading an effort to explore how Olin can help to shape the future of education.


Siddhartan Govindasamy, Associate Professor  Olin College of Engineering.


Dr. Govindasamy has been with Olin College since 2008, where teaches a number of courses, including interdisciplinary courses spanning mathematics, mechanical, and electrical engineering. His interests include designing and developing student-centered, interdisciplinary learning experiences at Olin. With Dr. John Geddes and other colleagues, Dr. Govindasamy is currently working on a redesign of the early-stage engineering experience at Olin. He has also worked with a number of institutions internationally to redesign their engineering programs.